Bright Futures for Prospective Students

Bright Futures for Prospective Students

Attend the Virtual Fall Open House on October 14, 2023 to get to know your admissions counselors and learn more about CIIS' bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. programs.

Your Journey Begins Here. 
Explore your Bright Future at CIIS.


Are you interested in taking the next step and getting an undergraduate completion, master's, or doctoral degree? CIIS is ready to help you meet your academic goals and achieve your dream career. We’re the University for radically curious and committed individuals seeking meaningful growth, academic rigor, innovative research, and collaborative community in the service of self, society, and the earth. Join us in October for our Virtual Open House to learn more.

This event will feature:

  • Community panel sharing insights on the student experience and CIIS education
  • Faculty experts to provide in-depth looks at classes, programs, and mentorship opportunities
  • Meditation offering by Preston Vargas, CIIS' Director of Black and Indigenous Praxis
  • Breakout rooms with faculty and alumni with Q&As for each degree program
  • Keynote speech by CIIS professor Charlotte María Sáenz, a transnational activist and integral education scholar working both in her native Mexico and the US

Discover how you can also connect with your passions, discern your talents, and make a difference in your community with a degree from CIIS. Whether your passion is creative, scientific, internally-focused, or advocacy-oriented, we’re ready to help you chart a course to a bright future.

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