All members of the CIIS academic community are bound to uphold the highest standards of scholarship. As an international student, you have an additional obligation to comply with the immigration laws and regulations of the United States. It is illegal to violate U.S. federal immigration laws and regulations for any reason whatsoever.

Being a student with F-1 status, you are responsible for learning, understanding, and complying with the U.S.  laws and regulations that apply to you.

CIIS wants you to be able to successfully complete your studies at the Institute.  Your failure to be aware of and comply with these requirements could jeopardize your academic plans. It is extremely important that you read and fully understand this information.  All incoming students will be required to attend a New International Student Orientation where the details of maintaining your student visa status will be discussed in detail.

Please refer to the U.S. Department of State website for information on the F-1 student visa.

The following is a brief list of the regulatory requirements to maintaining a student visa. Some exceptions apply and will be discussed upon your arrival to the U.S.:

  • Report to the Institute within 30 days of the start of the date listed on your I-20 form. At CIIS, this means attending the Summer Bridge program and the New International Student Orientation.
  • For the first entry for initial school attendance, the school listed on the visa and on the I-20 must be the same, and that is the school the student must intend to attend. This does not apply to students who transfer from another SEVIS-approved school inside the U.S.
  • Pursue a "full course of study" during fall and spring semesters except during official school breaks, or unless approved under a specific exception, in advance, by the International Student Advisor.
  • Keep Form I-20 valid by following proper procedures for extension of stay (if necessary).
  • Keep Form I-20 valid by following proper procedures for change in educational levels or programs of study.
  • Report a change of name or address within 10 days to the International Student Advisor.
  • Do not work on or off-campus without prior authorization
  • Follow regulations of post-completion Optional Practical Training requirements

Details of student visa rights and regulations will be discussed at the required New International Student Orientation each August and January and in one-on-one meetings with students during your studies at the university.

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