Academic Events Policy

Academic Event Application

Academic Freedom

Academic Integrity

Academic Program Closure Policy

Academic Progress (which includes the following sections):

Grade Requirements
Time Limits to Degree Completion
Probation and Suspension

Administrative Withdrawal

Admissions Policies

Animal Policy for Persons with Disabilities

Catalog Rights

Certification of HIPPA Compliance for CIIS Zoom Licenses

Children in the Classroom, Campus, and/or at Intensives, Residencies, or Retreats Policy

Chosen Name and Identity Policy

Class Attendance Policy

Comprehensive Exam Rubric for PhD Programs

Confidentiality of Student Records

Consumer Information

Course Evaluation Policy and Procedures 

Course Loads and Full-Time and Half-Time Designation

Credit Hour Policy

Criminal Background Checks

Death of a Student

Disability Accommodations

Dissertation and Thesis (which includes the following sections): 

Committee Composition
Remote Participation for Committee members
Content and Subject
Format and Language
Style Policy
Alternative Multi-paper Dissertation Format
Technical Review
Final Defense
Submission and Publication
Manuscript Copyright

Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Approval Form and Rubric

Thesis/Dissertation Assessment

Diversity Statement

Doctoral Student Assessment

Drug Free Campus Policy

Dual Relationship Policy 

Email Account for Alumni and Former Employees Policy

Faculty Absence

Faculty Credentials Verification

Faculty Office Hours

Grade Changes and Appeal Procedure

Graduate Degree Proficiencies 

Guaranteed Access to Courses Required for Graduation and Fixed Tuition Rate

Guest Speaker Policy


Lactation Policy

Master's Degree Awarded When Enrolled in a Doctoral Program

Posthumous Degree

Privacy Rights

Program Approval and Review


Research Involving Humans

Retreat/Intensive Fees

Right to Rescind Admission Policy 


Service Animals

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

Smoke Free Campus

Software Policies and Procedures

Student Annual Academic and Professional Planning Template

Annual Student Self-Evaluation

Student Communication, Transaction, and Email Policies

Student Complaint Procedure

Student Complaint Form

Student Complaint Information by State

Student Email (MyMail) Account

Student Withdrawal Procedure

Syllabus Template 

Teaching and Research Assistants

Teach Out Policy 

Technology Fee Policy

Visiting Scholars

Visitor Policy

Wellness Fee Policy

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