CIIS is accredited since 1981 by:

Western Association of Schools and Colleges - Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)
985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 748-9001
Fax: (510) 748-9797

ACTCM at CIIS is accredited since 1991 by:

The Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM) degree and Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) programs of ACTCM at CIIS are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), which is the recognized accrediting agency for programs preparing acupuncture and Oriental medicine practitioners. 

DACM Program: the ACTCM's Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine program has been approved through ACAOM Substantive Change and is eligible for accreditation by ACAOM. CIIS is currently in the process of seeking ACAOM candidacy/accreditation for the program. However, CIIS can provide no assurance that candidacy or accreditation will be granted by ACAOM.

8941 Aztec Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Phone: (952) 212-2434


November 2007 - CIIS to WASC Report: Educational Effectiveness (PDF)

April 2008 - WASC to CIIS Report: Educational Effectiveness (PDF)

June 2008 - WASC to CIIS Letter: Educational Effectiveness (PDF)

March 2012 - CIIS to WASC: Interim Report (PDF)

July 2012 - WASC to CIIS: Interim Report (PDF)

June 2013 - WASC to CIIS: Approval of PhD in Human Sexuality (PDF)

November 2014 - WASC to CIIS: Approval of ACTCM Doctoral Programs (DAOM and DACM) (PDF)

November 2014 - WASC to CIIS: Approval of ACTCM Merger (PDF)

March 2015 - WASC to CIIS: Approval of Joint MFA in Theatre - Perfromance Making with University of Chichester (PDF)

June 2015 - WASC to CIIS: Approval of Online PhD in Integral & Transpersonal Psychology (PDF)

July 2015 - CAB to CIIS: Approval by California Acupuncture Board for MSTCM graduates to sit for the California Acupuncture licensing exam (PDF)

November 2015 - WSCUC to CIIS: WSCUC Follow-up Visit Report - CIIS Merger with ACTCM

March 2016 - CIIS to WSCUC: CIIS Institutional Report | List of Exhibits (Note: links in these documents are not live; email Chip Goldstein, Associate Provost, for more information). 

March 2017 - WSCUC to CIIS: Commission Action Letter (PDF)

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