Photo of Laura Pustarfi Laura Pustarfi

PhD Candidate
Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion

Laura Pustarfi, MA, is a graduate of the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program (2013) at CIIS and is now pursuing a PhD in Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion. She moved from Charleston, South Carolina in 2011 to attend CIIS. She holds a BA from the College of Charleston in philosophy and studio art. Her research interests are phenomenology, eco-philosophy, critical plant studies, and religion and ecology. In her dissertation, Arboreality: Revisioning Trees in the Western Paradigm, she will explore, by studying trees from an eco-phenomenological perspective, how the environmental, spiritual, and social crises are impacting human ontology.

Laura is the co-author with Sam Mickey and Adam Robbert of "The Quest for Integral Ecology," Integral Review 9, No. 3. Laura has also presented at the American Academy of Religion, Western Region (AARWR); the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture (ISSRNC); the Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR); and the Religion in California conferences. Laura's personal website is online at She would like to thank In Her Image Photography for the bio photo.

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