Women's Visionary Poetry and Fiction

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 6432 2.00

In their poetry, novels, and short stories, as in the ancient traditions of priestesses and mystics, women poets and fiction writers tell us about women’s other worlds, inner and outer, past and future; worlds of imagination, prayer, prophecy, and vision. We consider works by Isabel Allende, Janine Canan, Ella Deloria, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Linda Hogan, Susan Griffin, Audre Lorde, Mary Mackey, Mary Oliver, Adrienne Rich, Starhawk, and Alice Walker, among others, as we explore the following questions: What is Women’s Visionary Poetry and Fiction? How do women writers make their invisible inner experiences visible to their readers? How do they use the crucible of language to tell the truth? How do they interweave fiction and memoir? Creative writing exercises draw students directly into the process of creating women’s visionary poetry and fiction.

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