Women's Spirituality Research Methodologies

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 8012 3.00

Women's Spirituality is a transdisciplinary field that draws from Women/Gender Studies, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Ethnic Studies, and related disciplines. This course will provide studetns with an overview of the muli-disciplinary epistemologies, methodologies, and methods used in Women's Spirituality scholarship. This course is designed to provide doctoral students with both the conceptual frameworks and practical tools necessary to conduct original and meaningful research in this field. This course places particular emphasis upon: 1) The integration of interior/intuitive ways of knowing with traditional academic frameworkds that are more externally oriented; and 2) The potential of research to contribute to social justice and collective tranformation. We will explore the theoretrical frameworks and methodologies emerging out of political movements including feminism/womanism, anti-racism, indigenous resistance movements, postcolonial activism, and queer studies.

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