Womanist, Feminist, and Decolonial Worldviews

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 7609 3.00

This class examines a diversity of womanists, feminist, mujerista, indigenous, and postcolonial worldviews, theories, and activism in the U.S. and internationallly. It reviews contemporary international dialogues and postcolonial discourses, along with modern day and historical womanist-feminists controversies. The reading, discussions, and writing assignements will focus especially on issues related to conflict, race, agency, survival, resistance, intervention, difference, sexuality, class, womanhood, disability, nationality, religion, spirituality, gender, transformation, spiritual activism, and alliance building. Our topics will be explored through diverse texts, including letters, essays, poetry, stories, dance, prayers, and documentary fims. This course is centered on the following questions: How have diverse women theorized and resisted systems of sexism, heterosexism, racism, classism, colonialism, and violence? What are the possibilities of dialogue, collaboration, and solidarity among women and men with vastly different backgrounds and worldviews? How is women's spirituality linked to women's social and political lives?

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