Theory & Methods for Feminist and Critical Inquiry

School of Consciousness and Transformation TSD 7129 3.00

An inquiry into feminist, womanist, and postcolonial theory and practices with emphasis on qualitative research. Elements of inquiry, including worldview (cognitive ordering principles), epistemology (theories of knowledge), ontology (theories of reality), paradigm (templates for viewing the world), method (techniques for gathering information), methodology (theory and analysis of how research should proceed), and theory building, will be discussed in relation to feminist goals of inquiry and social change. A framework of critical thinking from a cross-cultural, comparative and transdisciplinary perspective will be integrated into feminist analysis. The class will be organized around a feminist/womanist pedagogy and will be oriented toward evolving a learning community within the class. Community inquiry will include experiential processes, shared dialogue, and appreciation of women’s worldviews and cross-cultural perspectives. The instructor and teaching assistants conduct a course that involves co-creation and shared leadership by instructors and students.

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