Teaching Academic Writing: Theory, Practice, and Research

School of Consciousness and Transformation CT 6364 3.00

This course presents an overview of select theories and approaches to the teaching of writing in college settings (e.g., genre theory, process writing, language socialization, tutoring, and peer review) with special emphasis on how these can inform students’ practice as academic writing tutors, facilitators, and instructors in the Institute’s Center for Writing and Scholarship. Students will learn how to assess writing, establish and manage professional relationships with student writers, and design and assess interventions to improve academic literacy at all levels (listening, speaking, reading, writing, critical thinking). Key topics will include the psychological, developmental, and affective dimensions of academic writing; the socialization of scholars to communities-of-practice and disciplinary discourses; contrastive (cross-cultural) rhetoric; addressing the needs of diverse populations (such as nonnative writers); and effective response and feedback strategies. The final part of the course will involve a research component, and students will identify a research problem or issue in the teaching of academic writing and design an empirical (e.g., case study) or literature-based inquiry. Students will learn how to conduct and synthesize an in-depth literature review, critique existing studies, identify appropriate methods, gather data and analyze results, and connect contemporary research in writing with wider (trans)disciplinary conversations relevant to their academic or other professional goals. Prerequisites: Center for Writing and Scholarship Fellow; consent of instructor Center for Writing and Scholarship Fellow

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