TCM Internal Medicine II

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ACM 6336 3.00

This course focuses on differential diagnosis and treatment strategies to treat specific disorders. An emphasis is placed on the analysis of case studies using Chinese medical theory in order to select the best acupuncture treatment and herbal formulas. In this course the following conditions are covered: wasting and thirsting syndrome (xiao ke), convulsive disorder (jing zheng), urine retention (long bi), lung consumptive disorder (fei lao), chest pain (xiong bi), painful urination (lin zheng), phlegm-fluid retention (tan yin), sudden turmoil disorder (huo luan), bleeding disorders (xue zheng), fever (fa re), common cold (gan mao), wind febrile disorder (feng wen), damp febrile disorder (shi wen), dry febrile disorder (qiu zao), cough (ke sou), asthma (xiao zheng), dyspnea (chuan zheng), lung abscess (fei yong), hiccup (e ni), vomiting (ou tu) and difficulty swallowing (ye ge). Prerequisite: ACM6235 ACM 6235

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