TCM Internal Medicine I

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ACM 6235 3.00

This course focuses on differential diagnosis and treatment strategies to treat specific disorders. An emphasis is placed on the analysis of case studies using Chinese medical theory in order to select the best acupuncture treatment and herbal formulas. In this course the general methods of Chinese medical treatment are reviewed, as well as the management of headache (tou tong), dizziness (tou yun), tinnitus and deafness (er ming er long), bi syndrome (bi zheng), low back pain (yao tong) and other pain conditions, stiff neck (luo zhen), facial paralysis (mian tan), wei syndrome (wei zheng), insomnia (shi mian), palpitations (xin ji), running piglet qi (ben tun qi), depression (yu zheng), wind-stroke (zhong feng), hypochondriac pain (xie tong), jaundice (huang dan), fainting (jue zheng), edema (shui zhong), drum distension (gu zhang) and sweat disorder (han bing). Prerequisite: ACM6131. ACM6131

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