TCM Classics: Wen Bing

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ACM 6532 2.00

This course covers the most important concepts of the Wen Bing School of Chinese medicine, and to convey how these can be used in understanding and treating disease. Topics discussed in this course include the historical development of the Wen Bing Xue, a description of the etiology, onset, and pathogenesis of disease according to wen bing, and diagnostic and treatment methods. The four stages (wei, qi, ying, xue) are differentiated. Seven types of warm pathogen disease are discussed, including wind-warmth (feng wen), spring-warmth (chuan wen), autumn-dryness (qiu zao), warm-toxin (wen du), summer-heat-warmth (shu wen), damp-warmth (shi wen), and lurking summer-heat (fu shu). Prerequisite: ACM6333. ACM 6333

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