Tantric Yoga as a Psychology of Enlightenment: A Practical Workshop in Tantric Wisdom

Public Programs and Performances WKS 034 1.00

Tantra is the science of aligning the human with the divine, the physical with the subtle. Offering one of the world's most sophisticated practical technologies for enlightening the body, the emotions, and the mind, tantra has become a profound influence on contemporary yogic practice and theory. This workshop will explore the tantric paradigm for enlightenment, both philosophically and experientially. We'll map the tantric journey as described in such key texts as the Shiva Sutras and Spanda Karikas. We'll work deeply with tantric techniques for awakening, including processes for opening the subtle body, transforming emotional states, and generating shakti, or spiritual energy. The workshop includes sutra practice as well as meditation, contemplative writing, and voice dialogue.

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