Spiritual Activism and Transformative Social Change

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 6658 2.00

This course will explore how our connection to embodied, spiritual wisdom can inform our efforts to create a more socially just and ecologically healthy world. Feminist/womanist analyses of gender, power, and social change will be integrated with insights from diverse spiritual and social justice traditions. While drawing inspiration from social change movements and leaders of the past, we will also explore the need to develop new strategies and visions to meet the challenges of our current historical moment. In this highly participatory class, students will be encouraged to raise questions and issues drawn from their own personal, professional, and activist experiences. Topics include: the interconnections among personal transformation, social change, and ecological healing; the role of anger, love, hope, and forgiveness in social movements; and the role of spiritual activism in meeting the social, political, and environmental challenges of our times.

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