Registration Maintenance

REG 700 0.00

Registration Maintenance is a “placeholder course” (REG 700) that bestows no units or grades. It serves two functions. 1) To avoid the Late Registration Fee. Students may register for Registration Maintenance before the Late Registration Deadline, and then register for courses after that deadline and avoid the Late Registration Fee. Once the student registers for a course, the Registrar’s Office drops the Registration Maintenance course from the student’s record, the charge is reversed, and any payment made is applied to the tuition balance. (If the student never registers for a course, the Registration Maintenance course remains on the student’s record and the charge is not reversed.) This option is used by students who know they want to register for the semester but don’t know what courses they want before the Late Registration Deadline. 2) For thesis and dissertation students to remain in active student status in their final semester without registering for Thesis/Dissertation Seminar. Students may register for Registration Maintenance if all members of the Thesis/Dissertation Committee have signed the Thesis/Dissertation Approval form except for the committee chair, who requires additional work to be done. Only one semester may pass in this particular status. If the chair has not signed after one semester, the student must register for Thesis/Dissertation Seminar. Registration Maintenance does not qualify as half-time enrollment, so the student will not be eligible for financial aid or to defer financial aid loan payments.

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