Pilgrimage to Sri Lanka: An Exploration of Culture, Buddhism, and Self

School of Professional Psychology and Health PSY 5708 2.0 - 3.0

This is a two-week study abroad course held at various locations in Sri Lanka. Its broad objective is to provide therapists-in-training a unique opportunity to learn in situ about the irreducible relationship between culture and psyche. As participant-observers in a vibrant yet unfamiliar cultural setting, students explore a wide variety of historical, spiritual, medical, artistic, ritual, and everyday aspects of Sinhala Buddhism. This unique course utilizes an experiential learning model. It fully engages the learner's spirit of adventure, as well as the clinican's keen interest in grasping the complexities of cultural variation in human experience. PSY, CMH, PDT, EXA, ICP, SOM, IHL, or HSX student

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