Nature as Sacred Text

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 6446 2.00

Whether we are looking to heal and transform our personal hurts or the huge wounds our society inflicts on the Earth and other human beings, the Earth herself is our greatest teacher and healer. The ancient Goddess traditions had no sacred texts or dogmas: instead, their mystics learned how to read the book of nature. Understanding how the Earth's cycles work, how change occurs in nature, and how mother Earth designs coevolving, interdependent systems can help us to be better designers of the changes we want to see in our own life and the world. Our connection to Earth is our deepest source of hope, renewal, and strength. This course weaves together readings, lectures, and experiential practices from Earth-based ritual traditions with insights from permaculture and nature awareness, to open our ears to nature's communications, to help us connect more deeply with her great transformative powers, and to bring those creative energies fully alive in our lives, homes, and communities.

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