Language and Sexuality

School of Consciousness and Transformation CT 6804 1.00

How are the complexities of sexuality, emotional and erotic attraction, and desire expressed in language?  How are language, gay, lesbian, queer and transgender identities intertwined?   How can the fields of linguistics, queer/gender theory, media literacy, psychology and anthropology facilitate a deeper understanding of the relationship between gendered identities, sexuality and language? In this three-day intensive taught by a a linguist and an expressive arts therapy professor, we use a range of rigorous learning methodologies including theoretical discussion, textual and discourse analysis, and embodied, experiential arts practices to explore a range of  contemporary transdisciplinary perspectives on language and sexuality. Students will (1) engage in reading and discussion of contemporary and historical core texts, and (2) frame (before and during) and execute (after the class sessions) a brief inquiry aligned with their professional and personal interests. This course is designed for any student (SUS, SPP, SCT) with an interest in communication and sexuality, and will be especially valuable for those who intend to pursue more advanced inquiry and research or professional practice in a relevant domain.

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