Introduction to East-West Psychology

School of Consciousness and Transformation EWP 6001 2.00

East-West Psychology (EWP) is concerned with the meeting of Eastern, Western, and indigenous psychological and spiritual traditions, as well as its transformative applications for our modern world. This foundational course encourages students to approach the encounter among such diverse worldviews in the spirit of respectful dialogue, cultural/ethnic sensitivity, open inquiry, and mutual transformation. To this end, the course provides an opportunity to discuss some central issues of the cross-cultural encounter, such as orientalism, East-West polarization, ideological universalism, cultural appropriation, and “going native.” Course also offers a brief overview of selected aspects of the East-West encounter, the interface between the modern West and shamanism, and emergent spiritualties.Through structured dialogue and small group work, participants will deepen their knowledge of group dynamics and interpersonal communication skills. Course includes a panel with EWP core faculty members and a guest presentation by Fellows of the CIIS Center for Writing and Scholarship. EWP student

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