Interpersonal Neurobiology

School of Professional Psychology and Health IHL 6681 1.00

This introductory course explores the intersections of recent findings in neuroscience with social cognitive perspectives and attachment theory. The term "interpersonal neurobiology" is attributed to Daniel Siegel, author of Mindsight

The course allows students to extend findings in neuroscience to cultivate supportive relationships and stronger connections, including the cultivation empathy and compassion. Specifically, we look at the smart vagus, anterior cingulate cortex, mirror neuron system and dopamine reward system.

We will identify useful coaching psychology strategies for working with clients to self-soothe, uncover motivation, facilitate behavioral and attitudinal change, regulate, and reconsolidate emotions, attune communication and strive for an enhanced sense of well-being. Open to all CIIS students, priority to IHL students.

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