Integral Yoga: Theory and Practice

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARA 6448 1.00

The Integral Yoga was the spiritual practice of the founder of the California Institute of Integral Studies, Haridas Chaudhuri. This course will present material, some of it rarely looked at, from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the originators of the yoga, and from the works and accounts of Haridas Chaudhuri. This represents the theoretical level. No one can really teach the practice, properly speaking, because of its special character. Each individual, truly, must find her/his own way in this. And by its nature, there is no set of rules or steps that govern what is called “The Yoga.” This special, extremely flexible, profound and mysterious yoga, however, does come to bear in a myriad forms of practice for those who follow its call. The “practice” part of this class will involve discussion and some demonstration of various practices with the emphasis on examining the practices (or non-practices!) of the participants to try to point ourselves toward the “integral ideal.”

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