Integral Leadership

School of Undergraduate Studies BIS 1604 3.00

This course will explore participatory, integral, and therefore transformational forms of leadership—particularly those based on inclusion, consensus-building, and horizontality. Our readings will include writings on integral pedagogy, ranging from early formulations of Sri Aurobindo to more recent educational theory in order to distill possible models for an integral leadership. Examples of historical and contemporary leadership we will examine include the Mesoamerican Asamblea, the notion of Beloved Community developed in the African-American civil rights movement, Quaker-inspired models, and decentralized leadership practices developed within movements such as Los Indignados in Spain, Occupy Wall Street in the U.S. or La Via Campesina globally. We will also look at women’s historical role and the building of feminismos communitarios such as those coming out of Bolivia and Chiapas. Through readings, case studies, group presentations, and the elaboration of their own community leadership project proposals, students will develop challenges and alternatives to conventional top-down notions of what it means to be a leader in society. BIS student

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