Inquiry Into True Nature: Exploring Body, Personality and the Soul

School of Professional Psychology and Health ICPW 6579 1.00

In this experiential, spiritual elective you will learn and practice ways to more deeply explore, understand and optimize your psychospiritual unfoldment. This course will introduce the idea of a multi-dimensional soul with essential qualities such as compassion, joy, strength and love. In addition to meditative practices and somatic exercises, students will learn to actively open these inner states through inquiry (sensing, feeling, speaking, hearing and moving with the arising of one's inner experience) to accelerate the inner journey. Inquiry also assists in clearly seeing and metabolizing of our childhood experiences and personality patterns to help us mature into our unique wholeness. We will draw from various Jungian authors, A. H. Almaas, Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti and possibly others to learn the art of deep listening, seeking intuitive guidance and opening to the moment to moment shifts in our consciousness. The Enneagram of personality types will assist in recognizing personality structures. The practices and perspectives taught in this course will have direct application to psychotherapeutic work. The instructor will do clinical demonstrations with students. Students will practice these methods with each other for personal growth and clinical development. ICPW student

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