Hill of the Hawk I

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARP 6743 1.00

What does it mean to participate as conscious, responsible, ethical human beings in food production and consumption, individually and collectively? What is our responsibility, as citizens of planet Earth, to beings who give their lives for our nourishment? How do we ethically, philosophically understand the intimate realtinships that we enter into when we consume food? This course does not suggest that there is a single correct answer but proposes that it behooves each of us, as citizens of Earth, to consider this question. Experiencing the land for a weekend at Hill of the Hawk Farm, an inspiring family farm in Big Sur, will allow us to participate in the agro-ecological rhythms of rural farm life during the harvest season. During the weekend, hands-on farm work and food preparation; instruction in Spacial Dynamics (R); and reading and reflection on texts by leading thinkers on food and farming will allow us to consider, in practice and theory, our roles in the larger Bay/Delta bioregion as consumers and, to a lesser and individual degree, producers of food.

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