Healer/Warrior Masks: A Shamanic Journey

Public Programs and Performances WKS 050 1.00

Discover the archetypal energy of your Inner Healer-Warrior and create your own unique totem mask. The adventure begins with qigong to open chakras and energy flows as portals to creativity. Guided journeying leads you into realms of your psyche to access deep archetypal wisdom, manifesting as your Inner Healer-Warrior. Working with a partner, who uses special mask-making techniques and caring touch to sculpt the mask mold of your face, you feel the plaster gauze as another layer of skin. Your enlivened senses will bring you deeper into realms of inner awareness. Summoning the energy of the Healer-Warrior, you then channel your discoveries into creative expression through sculpting, painting, and adorning your mask of personal transformation. This workshop offers an empowering process for artists, therapists, healers, and anyone interested in shamanism, dreams, and creativity for self-discovery and healing. All levels welcome.

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