Feminist Perspectives on Transpersonal Psychology

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 6423 2.00

This course serves as an introductory inquiry into transpersonal psychology and its relationship to women’s spirituality and women’s psycho-spiritual development. This course defines transpersonal psychology, looks at the history of transpersonal psychology, explores the scope of transpersonal psychology, and delves into specific fields of integration or application. We will introduce principle concepts, assumptions, and developmental theories. There will be space given for direct exploration and experience of the subject matter in an integrated manner. This class explores transpersonal and psychological theories with a feminist lens. It will be divided into three sections, with each section addressing the major areas of transpersonal theory and theorists. The sections include an introduction to transpersonal psychology; key theorists and feminist response to them; archetypal and Jungian applications; re-visioning transpersonal psychology through a feminist lens. The final section will invite us to cocreate a new vision.

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