Entheogenic (Psychedelic) Education: Contemporary Perspectives on Ancient Plant Wisdom

School of Consciousness and Transformation EWP 6319 1.00

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to discuss the potential of entheogens (psychedelics) to induce profound insights of a creative and/or transpersonal nature. Entheogenic epistemology underscores the intimate relationship between deep knowing and biopsychospiritual healing. Evidence suggests that entheogens are beneficial in treating contemporary ailments, educating consciousness researchers, and providing a catalyst for personal and collective spiritual growth. This course will address not only these potentials but also the challenges entailed in designing novel entheogenic methodologies where firsthand experiences are the source of research data. Specific areas of study and interaction include: (1) discussing entheogenic education as an alternative epistemology, (2) summarizing contemporary research on entheogens as cognitive tools and/or creativity enhancers, (3) discussing noetic entheogenic experiences for their transformative potential, (4) comparing, contrasting, and critiquing established entheogenic methodologies, (5) examining ecodelics as agents that can strongly influence ecopsychological frameworks, and (6) designing entheogenic teaching models. Students will be expected to engage in dialogue about the potentials of proposed entheogenic education models.

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