Ecotherapy and Foundational Attachment: Remaking Therapy with Nature in Mind

Public Programs and Performances WKS 067 1.00

From the viewpoint of ecopsychology, much of our psychological dysfunction can be traced to our alienation from nature. In this era of increasing ecological imbalance, ecotherapists are responding with innovative perspectives and approaches that reframe the context, purpose, and measures of success for therapy and social work. This experiential, skills-based workshop offers healing arts practitioners an introduction to the emerging field of ecotherapy. When the psyche is considered to be part of nature, human nature may be understood and worked with in an entirely different way. Participants will learn a variety of ecotherapeutic interventions and resources, including an introduction to nature-based psychology for use in assessment, treatment planning and intervention, management of the therapist’s inner state to enhance ecotherapeutic effectiveness, and ecotherapeutic interventions with clients during sessions and as client homework assignments.

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