Comprehensive Examination

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 9600 0.00

Cannot be registered for online. Submit 'Comprehensive Examination Contract'. Taken at the end of the PhD coursework, the comprehensive exams are composed of two take-home bibliographic essays in the doctoral student’s two chosen areas of emphasis: Women and World Religions; Feminist and Ecofeminist Philosophy and Activism; and/or Women's Mysteries, Sacred Arts, and Healing. The two 35-to-50 page take-home exams must demonstrate an understanding of theoretical frameworks, scholarly debates, and the evolution of knowledge in the particular area of each comprehensive exam. The exams ask the student to explore primary texts in the two areas of emphasis, and to demonstrate the cultivation of broad and deep knowledge in these areas before proceeding to the dissertation. The exams also serve to develop a student's areas of competency for teaching. In consultation with their comprehensive exam supervisors, students negotiate approval for three major subtopics in each area of emphasis, and they agree on a list of at least 30 key texts to be reviewed and discussed for each essay. These texts must be deeply researched. Each bibliographic essay needs to be well crafted and must meet the standards of the program. The student has one or a maximum of two semesters to pass the exam. If the exam is not passed, the student cannot continue toward the dissertation and may wish to opt for an MA degree in Women's Spirituality instead. WSE student

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