Biofiled Techniques for Healing

School of Consciousness and Transformation EWP 6379 3.00

Traditional healers and shamans from various traditions use biofield techniques to engage with others in ways that support their wholeness and integration. This course will introduce the subtle anatomy of the biofield that such practitioners claim to work with in and around the human body, including the various layers and the processes that can be associated with them. This subtle field of presence is structured and complex, yet easy to work with. The course will include practices designed to enhance one’s ability to perceive the structures of the biofield. It will also offer skills and techniques for influencing biofield structures in gentle ways that reportedly affect the well-being of others. Chakras are organs of the biofield, and the possible anatomy and imbalances of chakras will be considered, along with interventions reported to restore them to greater wholeness. There are various accounts of the subtle structures of the biofield, a situation that provides opportunity for considering the goodness-of-fit of various philosophical and epistemological positions with respect to the reality of biofield phenomena.

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