African American Multigenerational Trauma and Issues of Violence

Public Programs and Performances WKS 107 2.00

This course focuses on the suffering and traumas associated with the African experience in the United States inclusive of the periods of capture, transport, enslavement, and emancipation leading up to current times. Multigenerational patterns of adaptive behaviors passed along through generations will be explored, with an emphasis on assessment and interventions using evidence-based, culture-specific, and social-justice models. A relationship-based approach with a particular focus on strategies that inform practice will be presented. The goal of this course is to expose students to the historical events and policies that have led to contemporary social problems and structural inequalities that continue to negatively affect African Americans. The course will provide practical tools that will inform practice and empower individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities throughout the change process. A crucial aspect of social work involves sensitivity and competence in working with African Americans as an underserved population. This course is designed to enable students to develop a knowledge base and critical awareness of issues specifically affecting African Americans in practice and policy. This course will include the development of techniques useful for practice.

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