Academic Writing as Soul Work: A Jungian Approach to Writing in the Disciplines

School of Consciousness and Transformation EWP 6338 1.00

The formal requirements of academic writing are an essential component of scholarly discourse; however, they address only one dimension of the total individual researcher. Although understanding the conventions of a discourse community is imperative for acceptance within that community, we also want to know how our research would look if we determined to write from multiple perspectives, which included not only mind, but spirit, heart (the larger field of our emotions), and body. Each piece of academic writing contains two interweaving threads. The “red thread” leads the reader through the material in an organized, structured way, while the “gold thread” leads the researcher through the labyrinth of these expanded perspectives during the research process. East-West Psychology not only honors the gold thread but understands its fundamental importance to the transformative process of the scholar/practitioner. Let us explore together whether we can articulate something of that vastness in our academic writing.

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