Graduation, Retention, and Time-to-Degree

Assessment Documents

You will find the following for each academic program:  

Degree Proficiencies

Degree Proficiencies are those skills and attributes that students will know and be able to do once completing a degree.  

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) are outcomes that students will achieve or manifest if successfully completing a degree program. The PLOs are expressions of the philosophy that define the program academic aspirations. PLO are basis for which programs were designed and are implemented. 

PLO Curriculum Maps

PLO Curriculum Maps are designed to identify which courses within a program curriculum are designed to focus on individual PLO.  

Assessment Overviews

Assessment Overviews are an overview of the assessment philosophy and general descriptions of program assessment strategies and implementation within each program.  

PLO Assessment Plans

PLO Assessment Plans describe the outcome measures that faculty look to for a demonstration that students have achieved or manifested the PLO.  

Major Milestone Assessment Plans

Major Milestone Assessment Plans describe the linear progression of assessment that each student is expected to accomplish while participating in an academic degree program.

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