A psychology degree for the socially conscious and creatively alive.

Combine Your Love of Theatre With Your Desire to Promote Healing

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Earn a master's in Counseling Psychology with a Concentration in Drama Therapy

The Drama Therapy program at CIIS offers a dynamic journey of intellectual growth and personal awakening, while developing clinical competence as a drama therapist. Our training is academically rigorous, creative, and multilayered with an eye to leveraging the discipline in ethical, respectful, and skillful ways.

In our master’s in Drama Therapy program you will: 

  • Learn in small action-oriented, experiential courses
  • Combine creativity and theatre with trauma-informed and evidence based therapies
  • Meet the requirements to become a Registered Drama Therapist as well as have the opportunity to become licensed as an LMFT or LPCC 
  • Join a diverse, nourishing community of peers as students and beyond

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