What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

At CIIS, expressive arts therapy refers to a therapeutic approach with individuals, couples, families, groups, and community-based programs that integrates a wide range of arts modalities in the service of human growth, development and healing. It takes a multi-arts or multimodal approach, integrating painting, drawing, sculpture, dance/movement, music, drama, ritual, poetry, and prose within therapeutic encounters.

Expressive arts therapists seek to build a compassionate, supportive, and culturally-sensitive relationship with clients. The expressive arts become the medium through which clients can explore and potentially transform emotional, social, spiritual, and relational issues; identify strengths; and experience new creative insights.

Expressive arts therapy processes are used successfully in almost all psychotherapeutic contexts, ranging from work with people faced with chronic and persistent mental health challenges, to the facilitation of human growth and potential.

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