By President Emerita Judie Wexler March 15, 2020

Dear CIIS Students,

I am writing directly to you this morning in response to questions and statements about CIIS staff and COVID-19 adjustments. I appreciate your concern and attentiveness to actions being taken to protect everyone.

I want to make sure that you have accurate information. And, I ask that you recognize that the situation is changing very rapidly. In response, our Continuity Committee is meeting daily to address new issues and challenges.

We began telling staff and faculty almost two weeks ago that those who needed to work from home because of the virus need to speak with their supervisor and Human Resources to make arrangements to do so.

On Friday the message below went out to all faculty and staff asking every office to make arrangements to have all staff whose positions enable them to work from home do so. Staff who cannot work from home are able to use their extensive paid time while they are not working.

In order to maintain our commitment to our students' education, we must maintain several essential services. This will require a few of us to be in our offices during the upcoming week. We are working to minimize the number of people who need to come in and the frequency with which they need to be in the office.

Our priorities continue to be supporting our students so you can continue to make progress in your education and supporting the health and safety of the entire CIIS community.

Please send your questions to Yunny Yip. We are trying to address questions as they arise in our daily meeting and to report out the answers. I say again, the situation is rapidly changing. New health directives, regulations, and laws are coming in constantly.

Take care of yourselves.


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