Keith Cich
Chair and Treasurer

Ricki Pollycove
Vice Chair

Judie Wexler
Interim President and Provost, CIIS

Anne Teich

Board Members

Peter Baumann
Founder, The Baumann Institute

Keith Cich
Principal, Pacific Rim Partners

Daphne Crocker-White
Clinical Psychologist, Writer and Editor

Fania E. Davis
Executive Director, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

Betsy Gordon
Founder, Betsy Gordon Foundation

Andrej Grubacic
Chair, Anthropology and Social Change, CIIS

Coreen Gutierrez
Student Trustee, ACTCM@CIIS

J. Manuel Herrera
Trustee, East Side Union High School District

Yasmine Khan, Staff Trustee
Development Manager, CIIS

Susan E. Laurenson
Regional Manager, Institute for Health and Healing

John Paul Lenney
Former SVP, ALEKS Corporation

Steve Maradian

Bill Mosca

Ashok Narasimhan
Parallel Entrepreneur

Ricki Pollycove, Vice Chair
M.D. OBGYN, California Pacific Medical Center

Renuka Prasad Relan
Civic Leader

Brenda M. Sanders
President, Brenda Sanders & Associates

Martin Sproul

Judie Wexler
Interim President, CIIS

William Ruel Walker

Meihong Xu
Author and Investor

Emeriti Members

Margy Boyd
Owner, Margy Boyd Art Tours

Helen Desai
Civic Leader

Richard Giardina
Associate Provost (Ret.)

Kishore Kripalani
Owner, Gaylord India Restaurants

Tamar March
Senior Fellow, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Elizabeth McCormack
Associate, Rockefeller Family & Associates

Presad Vepa
Management Consultant

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