Haridas Chaudhuri Teaching Haridas Chaudhuri Teaching

Since its founding 50 years ago by Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri, CIIS has been at the forefront of cutting edge models and approaches to counseling psychology, philosophy, spirituality, self-care and preventative health, and the whole person education of mind, body, and spirit. CIIS has been, and continues to be, an early adopter of ideas that become mainstream, such as everyday mindfulness and integrative health. As the causes that CIIS champions gain in popularity, CIIS continues to be at the forefront of innovation in new and different ways to change our world for the better.

CIIS is celebrating our 50th anniversary throughout the 2017-2018 school year and will be highlighting the stories of 50 current and past CIIS community members who exemplify how our university is influencing the world at large. Specifically, we are calling on you to nominate alumni, students, faculty, sages, honorary degree recipients, staff members, and close community partners who exemplify CIIS's visionary spirit. These visionaries show how the founding mission and commitments of CIIS have a ripple effect across generations and cultures and are real world examples of how CIIS transforms the future yesterday and today.

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