Since its founding 50 years ago by Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri, CIIS has been at the forefront of cutting-edge approaches to counseling psychology, philosophy, spirituality, self-care and preventative health, and the whole-person education of mind, body, and spirit.

50 years of transformational education

CIIS has been, and continues to be, an early adopter of ideas that become mainstream, such as everyday mindfulness and integrative health. As the causes that CIIS champions gain in popularity, CIIS continues to be at the forefront of innovation in new and different ways to change our world for the better.

Haridas Chaudhuri Teaching Haridas Chaudhuri Teaching
Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri 1968 Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri 1968

It was terrific to see many of you at the 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Celebration on April 7th. The event began with Tibetan monks from the Sera Monastery in South India "dissolving" the Mandala of Compassion followed by a meditation led by Connie Hills (CLN '98) and Anne Teich ( PAR '90) in honor of Dr. Rina Sircar.

After individual program reunions, alums gathered in Namaste Hall for dinner and remarks from President Judie Wexler and Board of Trustees chair, Ruel Walker (ICP '95) and an enjoyable trip down memory lane with photos from 1968 to the present. The evening ended with dancing in the Desai/Matta Gallery -- music provided by Keith Cich (PCC '02).

Adam and Aurianne Dorsay (CLN '98), Richard Buggs and Len Carella      Adam and Aurianne Dorsay (CLN '98), Richard Buggs and Len Carella     
Sera Monks Dissolving Mandala of Compassion Connie Hills, CLN '98 watching the dissolving of the Mandala of Compassion
Shipra Chaudhuri Narruhn and Rita Chaudhuri Pease Shipra Chaudhuri Narruhn and Rita Chaudhuri Pease
50th Anniversary Happy Hour 50th Anniversary Happy Hour
Adriana Portillo Gozalez and Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo Adriana Portillo Gozalez, ICP '13 and Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo, ICP '07/EWP (CER) '14
Darrin Drda and Annabelle Drda Darrin Drda, PCC '09 and Annabelle Drda, ICP '11
50th Anniversary Dinner Celebration Table 50th Anniversary Dinner Celebration in Namaste Hall
Astrid Berg, Ira Rechtshaffer, Elliott Isenberg and Jo Burrows Astrid Berg, EWP '98, Ira Rechtchaffer, PAR '75 & '77, Jo Burrows, PDT '01 and Elliott Isenberg, COU '83
Cathy Coleman, EWP '91 Cathy Coleman, EWP '91
Dana Ingersoll and Jenni Lipari Dana Ingersoll, ICP '05 and Jenni Lipari, ICP '05
Linda Bark and Meg Jordan Linda Bark, IHL (CER) ' 98, PAR '98 and Meg Jordan, WSE '96
Sandy Kepler Sandy Kepler, ICP '81
Heidi Fraser and Andrew Hageman Heidi Fraser, EWP '09 & '15 and Andrew Hagemen, EWP '09 
Mahesh Francis and Richard Wormstall Mahesh Francis, BIS '16 and Richard Wormstall, PCC '06
Mara Keller and Annette Williams Mara Keller and Annette Williams, WSE '14
Stephen Julich, Roche Wadehra and Elliott Isenberg Stephen Julich, EWP '13, Roche Wadehra, EXA '08 and Elliott Isenberg, COU '83
Tom and Sandra Beyerle Tom and Sandra Beyerle, CLN '97

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