The Center for Writing and Scholarship (CWS) offers a year-long tutoring fellowship program designed to prepare the next generation of college instructors to work with students on academic writing.

Through the CWS Fellows Program, tutoring staff at CWS are supported in their academic and professional development. The program provides participants with a comprehensive, year-long program of weekly pedagogical training, personal and professional development, and compensated work as a writing tutor and writing instructor in multiple contexts within the CIIS community. Each semester, CWS fellows will have the opportunity to work directly with CIIS students and assist them with their writing in a variety of formats. During the first semester of the program, fellows primarily work with students on an individual basis each week and also facilitate larger skill-specific writing workshops for groups of students. During the second semester of the program, each fellow becomes the instructor of record for a 15-week academic writing section for 10-15 students. They are accordingly responsible for developing a syllabus, weekly lesson plans, and activities for a 3-hour/week course that introduces students to effective academic writing, reading, and literacy skills in a structured environment. The writing sections not only give students a space in which to practice applying these skills to their own papers, but also serve as an opportunity for students to become more analytical, careful readers of and responders to their colleagues' (and to their own) work.

As part of their ongoing training, CWS fellows are required to enroll in a year-long, graduate-level pedagogy course that meets for 3 hours per week and that is facilitated by the CWS professional staff. The pedagogy course, entitled "Teaching Academic Writing: Theory and Practice," introduces the fellows to current theories and approaches in the teaching of academic writing in higher education, with a particular emphasis on how to apply these theories to their work as academic writing tutors, instructors, and facilitators for the Center for Writing & Scholarship. As part of their training, fellows are asked to use their experiences as students, writers, and instructors, to test, apply, critique, and revise the pedagogy and composition theories they have studied as they develop and hone their teaching skills and practices. They are also expected to work on and reflect on their own writing, reading, and research skills for their programs of study with the assistance of the CWS professional staff. As a final component to their professional development, fellows have the option of enrolling in a research course each semester ("Research in the Teaching of Academic Writing") in which they develop a research project and write a journal-length article pertaining to the teaching of academic writing. By the end of the year, their article should be ready for submission and review at leading composition and writing center journals.

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