• February 5 - May 7, 2021
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Add to Calendar 02/05/2021 05/07/2021 America/Los_Angeles Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Spring 2021 Series In this three-part series, master clinician and CIIS professor Gisele Fernandes-Osterhold explores the intricacies of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in conversation with experts in the field. Live Online
In U. S. Pacific Time

The field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy has been growing rapidly in recent years with decriminalization efforts moving forward on local, state, and federal levels. A multitude of clinical research trials is showing promising results of therapies utilizing MDMA, psilocybin, and ketamine as well as other medicines in the treatment of trauma, depression, addiction, end-of-life, and other mental health conditions.  

In this three-part series, master clinician and CIIS professor Gisele Fernandes-Osterhold explores the intricacies of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in conversation with experts in the field. 

Gisele Fernandes-Osterhold is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and graduate level psychology professor. Active in the mental health field for 20 years, she has extensive training and clinical experience in trauma-informed psychotherapy, using an integrative approach that is rooted in Somatic, Humanistic-Existential and Transpersonal psychologies. Being an immigrant to the United States and a woman of color, Gisele has developed a profound interest to multicultural issues, which has become one of the main topics of her work. Gisele’s personal approach to healing is rooted in her commitment to embodied spirituality, informed by her practices of yoga, dance and indigenous traditions of her native Brazil. Besides her psychotherapy practice, Gisele serves as core faculty member in the Integral Counseling Psychology program at CIIS, a mentor at the Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research at CIIS and a clinical supervisor at the Sage Institute.

On the Therapeutic Applications of MDMA 
A Live Online Conversation with Keren Tzarfaty and Gisele Fernandes-Osterhold
April 6 
On the Therapeutic Applications of Psilocybin 
A Live Online Conversation with Brian Anderson and Gisele Fernandes-Osterhold
May 6

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