• April 26, 2023
  • 7:00 pm
  • Online (PDT)
Add to Calendar 04/26/2023 7:00 pm 04/26/2023 America/Los_Angeles On Building Vibrant Communities of Belonging Join psychologist Dr. Lisa Kentgen in a conversation that will inspire you to make the transformative leap from “me” to “we,” creating communal, loving spaces in which to connect—and thrive—together. Online (PDT) false MM/DD/YYYY

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Copies of Dr. Kentgen's book, The Practice of Belonging, are available at the button below.

Important Information

  • This event will be streamed live online with an interactive Q&A.
  • This event will be recorded on our YouTube channel.
  • Portions of the audio will be released on our podcast.

If you need to request accessibility accommodations, please email publicprograms@ciis.edu at least one week prior to the event. For more information, explore our Accessibility web page. 

How can we cultivate the traits of a vibrant community in our own lives and what would it look like to prioritize caring and acceptance in our interactions with others? How can we, collectively, create a climate of true inclusivity, one where our differences both challenge and strengthen us?  
After having meetings with different communities in the United States over the course of two years, psychologist Lisa Kentgen identified some key traits to vibrant, healthy communities that we can all apply to our own lives and networks: commitment to care, acceptance, diversity, skillful conflict resolution, bonding rituals, and hospitality. In her latest book The Practice of Belonging, Dr. Kentgen explores various communities as case studies of how these traits can be put into practice. Through her research and work, Dr. Kentgen found that with intention and practice, we can transform our social relationships and build communities that appreciate difference, encourage authentic expression, and foster an environment of belonging and mutual care. 
Join Dr. Kentgen in a conversation that will inspire you to make the transformative leap from “me” to “we,” creating communal, loving spaces in which to connect—and thrive—together.

Dr. Lisa Kentgen. Close-up portrait made into a circle. Dr. Kentgen is a white woman with brown hair, and is smiling. Her hand (in a fist) is resting on her chin as she smiles and looks to the right.

Lisa Kentgen
is a psychologist with over three decades’ experience as a clinician, educator, and speaker. She is the author of An Intentional Life: Five Foundations of Authenticity and Purpose. Dr. Kentgen has published scientific articles on the development of conscious awareness, biological correlates of depression and anxiety, and identifying emotional difficulties in children. She believes that creating vibrant communities is the path forward through the unprecedented social, psychological, and existential crises we face. Read more about her at her website. 

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