• November 9-11, 2018
  • 6:30 pm to 5:30 pm
  • California Institute of Integral Studies
    1453 Mission Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
Add to Calendar 11/09/2018 6:30 pm 11/11/2018 5:30 pm America/Los_Angeles Healing with Holotropic Breathwork: The Adventure of Self Discovery Healing with Holotropic Breathwork: The Adventure of Self Discovery California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
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Registration - $430
Members - $344

This workshop meets on Friday, November 9th, 6:30pm-9:30pm, and Saturday & Sunday, November 10th & 11th, 10:00am-5:30pm.


Consciousness research conducted in the second half of the twentieth century brought revolutionary changes into psychology and psychotherapy regarding the nature of consciousness and its relationship to matter, dimensions of the human psyche, the roots of emotional and psychosomatic disorders, and therapeutic strategy. The new findings showed that the roots of emotional problems reach much deeper than postnatal biography, to domains not yet recognized by mainstream theoreticians and clinicians (perinatal and transpersonal). They also revealed new effective healing strategies that can reach these deep domains of the psyche.

This workshop explores Holotropic Breathwork, a psychospiritual experiential method developed by Stan and Christina Grof that is based on these new principles. It uses a combination of breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork, and mandala drawing to explore realms of the psyche ordinarily hidden to awareness. Holotropic sessions mediate access to emotionally relevant childhood memories and other biographical issues, sequences of psychological death and rebirth, and a broad spectrum of transpersonal experiences. Participants alternate in the roles of experiencers and "sitters" and the group is supported by a team of experienced trained facilitators.

Stacia Butterfield

Stacia Butterfield has been studying and working closely with Stanislav Grof, MD, for over 16 years, bringing Holotropic Breathwork and the healing potential of non-ordinary states to a variety of academic and professional settings, including The Fetzer Institute, Kripalu, Tel Aviv University, Sophia, Bullet Proof, and the MAPS Psychedelic Science 2013 & 2017 conferences. She is also a teacher with Grof Transpersonal Training, regularly facilitating six-day residential retreats in California and Connecticut.

Over twenty years of body centered studies have informed Stacia's approach to integration of deep inner work and led to innovative roles in the Addictions and Transformational Medicine fields. She offered integrative classes at Healing Visions, an early Ibogaine clinic in the British West Indies; and has also made contributions to the MAPS MDMA Therapy Training Program and the Ketamine Training Center.

In addition to her Bay Area workshops, Stacia enjoys working privately with groups of educators, artists, and optimizers.

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