Student Testimonials

"The Certificate Program in Climate Psychology at CIIS is a unique and transformative program, and the first of its kind. This program is incredibly essential for all clinicians and workers on the frontlines of climate change to further bring awareness to the psychological dimensions of climate change and how to be in support of each other - as we are all facing this together." - Fall 2022

"This course affirmed the strong desire I have felt to examine the link between the climate and our psyches. I was enthralled during each class, had many "aha!" moments, and am left wanting to immerse myself even more in the climate psychology world." - Fall 2022

"I would highly recommend this certificate program to anyone looking for training regarding climate psychology. They have the most renowned team of presenters and facilitators in this field." - Fall 2022

"This was an incredibly well-designed course. With a wide variety of Climate Psychology leaders teaching from their personal angles, we were exposed to a wealth of ideas & practices. I feel deeply enriched, and am eager to integrate much of this into my work." - Fall 2022

"An excellent course for those who want to look deeply into the abyss of climate catastrophe, understand the traumatic effect it has, develop the capacity to help others move through it with perspective, connection and radical hope, and ultimately, align with their deepest values for therapeutic effect." - Fall 2022

"The program covered a wide range of approaches from analytical to spiritual. But what will stay with me the most is some profound ways people opened up here, and opened something up in me. You can't write that into a curriculum." - Fall 2022

"Speakers were an astonishing group of individuals, and fellow participants brought incredible passion and astute questions that really bolstered my learning." - Fall 2022

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