Sex Therapy Professional Skills
Zoe and Walt Sipe
This practical and professional training builds on the core knowledge in an applied manner in services of the treatment of sexual issues. The course emphasizes: Multiple theoretical orientations to sex therapy including: medical, holistic, spiritual and systemic views; sexual assessment and diagnostic skills, theory and methods of intervention, collaboration with clinical sexologists and sex medicine, working within interdisciplinary teams, treatment planning, ethical practice, and case conceptualizations. This course satisfies AASECT training in sex therapy areas*: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. For more information see

Sexual Attitude Reassessment
Patti Britton
This course is designed to offer all students exposure in the form of facilitated discussion, small group activities, self-reflection, videos, and guest speakers to the broadest range of sexual practices and experiences. The focus of the course is in providing exposure to a range of sexual content and gender presentations in order to facilitate and address unexamined axiological assumptions we all hold about sexuality and gender and to consider them in a non evaluative manner. This course is aligned to and is part of the AASECT sex educator and AASECT sex therapy certification and is considered one of the components of competency in core knowledge and experience in the field. The content will be addressed from an intersectional and anti-oppressive lens and is presented by an experienced and certified facilitator.

Sexual Practices and Behaviors
Instructor TBA
This course represents the core knowledge students are required to engage about sexuality practices and behaviors to be competent in the field. Topics covered include: Bio-psycho-social developmental models of sexuality and gender identity, socio-cultural and familial influences, LGBTQQIA identities and experiences, intimacy enhancing skills and diversities of sexual expression, sexual anatomy and physiology, STIs, desire, arousal and orgasm, sexual health and pleasure. These content areas are aligned to AASECT's core knowledge areas* and are part of the required content for sex therapy and sex educator certification. This course will be addressed from an inclusive and sex positive perspective.

Problems and Professional Issues in Sexuality
Juan Camerena
The focus of this course is to address issues of: ethics, axiology, exploitation, abuse, harassment, assault, trauma, rape, rape culture, sex trafficking, problematic sex (e.g. compulsions, dysfunction, sexuality and substances, and disease) and other issues that can be thought of as problematic. While not necessarily subscribing to a pathologizing or criminalizing view, these important issues will be thoughtfully considered in an historical, contextual, reflexive, and critical manner. Attention will be paid to the history of the field, ethics, philosophical issues and professional communication skills. This course in conjunction with Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Sexual Function and Practice complete the AASECT core knowledge areas. This course together with Sexual Function and Practices completes the core knowledge required for sex therapy or sex educator certification. AASECT core knowledge areas covered: A, I, J, N, O, P, and Q. See for more details.

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