May 2017

May 1 Traditional Chinese Wisdom and the Totality of Healing with Yuan Tze
May 3 How to be Married with Jo Piazza and Nicolle Zapien
May 5 The Awakened Family with Shefali Tsabary and Richard Buggs
May 9 How to Explore Dreams with Fariba Bogzaran
May 10 The Songs of Trees with David George Haskell and Elizabeth Allison
May 11 Participatory Spirituality with Jorge Ferrer and Matthew Segall
May 22-24 Social Intelligence for Leaders with Daniel Ellenberg
May 25 How to Work Well with Others with Ashara Ekundayo
May 30 Telling Psychedelic Stories with Don Lattin

June 2017

June 2-4 iRest Personal Practice Immersion with Richard Miller
June 6 Internet and Impermanence with Brewster Kahle and Heather Walls
June 7 The Science of Friendship with Christine Brooks
June 9-11 How to Use Movement as a Healing Resource with Sylvie Minot and Wendy Heffner
June 14 Nature, Culture, and Knowledge with Sean Kelly, Sam Mickey, Adam Robbert, and Kat Snow
June 20 Artificial Intelligence and Ethics with Mikey Siegel and Alexander Reben

July 2017

July 14-16 The Power of Embodied Presence: Inhabiting Yourself, Your Subtle Body, and Your Life with John Welwood

August 2017

August 1 The Summer of Love and the Stars with Richard Tarnas

September 2017

September 8 The Adventure of Self Discovery with Stan Grof
September 8-10 Healing with Holotropic Breathwork: The Adventure of Self Discovery with Stan Grof
September 11-October 2 Art & Science of Lucid Dreaming with Fariba Bogzaran
September 14 Life in Code with Ellen Ullman and Carolyn Cooke
September 15  Pussy Riot Founder Nadya Tolokno In Conversation
September 28 How to Improve Your Relationship with Gal Szekely
September 29-October 1 Transforming Patriarchy: From Gender Oppression to Beloved Community with Cynthia Brix and William Keepin
September 30-October 1 Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Practices with Sonya Shah and Guests

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