July 2017

July 14-16 The Power of Embodied Presence: Inhabiting Yourself, Your Subtle Body, and Your Life with John Welwood

August 2017

August 1 The Summer of Love and the Stars with Richard Tarnas

September 2017

September 7 Why Buddhism is True with Robert Wright and Steven Tierney
September 8 The Adventure of Self Discovery with Stan Grof
September 8-10 Healing with Holotropic Breathwork: The Adventure of Self Discovery with Stan Grof
September 11-October 2 Art & Science of Lucid Dreaming with Fariba Bogzaran
September 14 Technology & Consciousness Series Begins
September 14 Life in Code with Ellen Ullman and Carolyn Cooke
September 15  Pussy Riot Founder Nadya Tolokno In Conversation
September 16-17 Spiritual and Religious Competencies for Therapists and Healers with Shelley Scammell and Richard Mendius
September 20 BIG IDEAS at CIIS Series Begins
September 20 The Hidden History of Capitalism with Andrej Grubacic
September 28 How To Workshop Series Begins
September 28 How to Improve Your Relationship with Gal Szekely
September 29-October 1 Transforming Patriarchy: From Gender Oppression to Beloved Community with Cynthia Brix and William Keepin
September 30-October 1 Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Practices with Sonya Shah and Guests

October 2017

October 3-24 Corageous Leadership Skills for Racial Justice & Equity with Juanita Brown, Brooke Deterline, and Lynne Henderson
October 5 Haresh and Joan Shah Lecture and Performance Series Begins
October 5 Technology as Anthropology with Roopa Vasudevan
October 13 On Oppression and Healing with Jeanine Canty and Susan Griffin
October 14 Uncovering Patterns of Oppression and Healing with Jeanine Canty
October 14-15 Writing for the Screen with Alex Burger
October 17 Fighting Extremism in Africa with Alexis Okeowo
October 25-November 18 Shadows of the Enneagram Personality Types with Beatrice Chestnut
October 26 Arjun Verma in Concert with Indranil Mallick
October 28 and November 4 Indian Wisdom Traditions with Debashish Banerji

November 2017

November 2 Artificial Intelligence and Karma with Nikki Mirghafori and Steve Omohundro
November 8 A Poetic Response to the US Government with Layli Long Soldier and Brynn Saito
November 9 Education for a New World with Liz Beaven
November 11-12 The Poetics of Enlightenment: Creativity in Tibetan Buddhism with Steven Goodman
November 16 How to Make Decisions with Judith Bell
November 17 On Healing the Soul Wound with Eduardo Duran and Rachel Bryant
November 18-19 Healing the Soul Wound: Indigenous People and the Colonial Template with Eduardo Duran and Rachel Bryant
November 29 Love, Death, and Annihilation in Contemporary Fiction and Cinema with Carolyn Cooke and Brian Thomas Swimme

December 2017

December 2 The Power of Mindfulness with Shauna Shapiro
December 4 How to Have Difficult Conversations with Daniel Ellenberg
December 6 On Being American with Khzir Khan December 2017

January 2018

January 17 How Counterculture Built Silicon Valley with Leslie Berlin and Mitch Altman
January 25 Why We Need Spirituality in the Workplace with Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo

February 2018

February 1 Where Are You From? with Minal Hajratwala
Febraury 8 How to Write a Story with Carolyn Cooke

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