Portia Diwa Portia Diwa

Institute for Health and Healing

A graduate of Santa Clara University and the Bedside Harp Program, Portia Diwa started playing harp at age 9 and has been actively performing ever since. Currently, Portia is the Healing Harp Clinical Supervisor at California Pacific Medical Center's Institute for Health & Healing and has developed a successful certification program for harp therapy in hospitals. Portia is also the director of the Bahia Vista Harp Ensemble in San Rafael, bringing Latin harp music to underprivileged children. Portia teaches private harp lessons and conducts workshops throughout the Bay Area.


Learn the basics of how to play the harp in a therapeutic way, and some easy ideas for how to accompany the voice with the harp. This short workshop makes the harp accessible to all levels of musicians. Students experience the healing properties of the harp for yourself, and experiment with how to play the harp in a therapeutic way for others and in clinical settings. The focus of this class is on how to play the harp with intention and mindfulness. Students have a chance to practice what they learn in duos, and hopefully will be inspire to start your own harp journey!

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