Rara Avis Rara Avis

Musician, a psycho-acoustic music producer, and master DJ

Rara Avis is a musician, a psycho-acoustic music producer, and a one of a kind yoga and wellness remix master DJ. He is the CEO and co-founder of Yogi Tunes, and his mission is to help yoga teachers and sound and music healers to discover a broad array of music that inspires a deeper practice. Yoga teachers and sound healers are definitely a new and evolving breed of DJ. Avis' work is based on inspiring and guiding teachers through the music selection and sequencing process. Rara spent the past 15 years writing, performing and selecting music for yoga, dance, meditation and other wellness practices. His intention is to share insights and expose teachers, performers and music healers to concepts and new psycho-acoustic production methods that are applied in this rare but rapidly growing idiom of music in wellness.


This workshop explores the physics of sound production and it's relation to consciousness and the human psyque, a connection that is essential in order for sound waves to transmit and transform our emotional disposition. Molecules between the sound source and the listener have to be affectively connected in order for music to be experienced. Additionally, Rara will share his experience as a successful yoga and wellness centered DJ, and how the architecture of music contains universal relationships that are found everywhere, in nature, in other forms of art, in mathematics. Rara will play selections of his multiple psychoacoustic-based albums for the students to deepen their insight of how efficiently to create playlists, recording productions, and new compositions with sounds and music that assists in the process of becoming present, of releasing fear, and of embracing self love and compassion for others by transmitting a strong sense of sympathetic vibration, a phenomenon of connecting through common resonance and sharpening frequency awareness.

As one gains experience in music, one begins to realize that less is more, that simplicity in self expression creates better listeners, and how carefully selected music can provide a profound sense of sanctuary for ritual of passages, and the seminal evolutionary moments in our lives.

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