Certificate in Sex Therapy and Education

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The Sex Therapy and Education certificate is the only sex therapy preparation program offered in San Francisco and is among the few offered on the West Coast. Nationally, it is one of a small number offered by an accredited university.

The program offers the opportunity to complete the coursework leading toward sex therapy certification with the instruction of faculty from the human sexuality doctoral program at CIIS, certified sex educators, sex therapists, and clinical sexologists who are leaders in their respective professions and scholarly activities. Following completion of this program, students are eligible to complete the 300 hours of supervised sex therapy with a certified supervisor of their choice, allowing for application to The American Association of Sex Counselors, Educators and Therapists (AASECT) for sex therapy certification.

AASECT sex therapy certification serves an unmet need for additional training and skills required to competently address a wide range of concerns that often go unaddressed in psychotherapy. These include: Arousal and desire concerns, desire discrepancies within a couple, difficulties with climax, emerging sexual identities, development of intimacy, open relationships and extra-marital affairs, diversity of sexual expression, cybersexuality, socio-cultural factors associated with sexuality and painful sex.

Currently, there are very few certified sex therapists in the nation compared to the estimated need. Psychotherapists often treat couples and individuals who have these concerns but lack training and skills to do so, and the medical view of sexuality experiences and disorders is limited. Psychotherapists who have this additional training are poised to help couples and individuals to address these concerns within the context of psychotherapy in an integral fashion and/or as separate and specific concerns unto themselves.

CIIS's strength and history of contributions in the fields of counseling psychology, integral health, and sexuality studies form the basis for this certificate preparation program in sex therapy. The program strives to provide an integral view of the field of sex therapy including multiple perspectives and philosophies in its practice informed by a sex positive view providing affirmation and support for the diversity of sexual practices, experiences, and identities of clients.

Sex Education Track Coming Soon

Starting spring 2018, we are offering two different tracks within this certificate program-the existing track that prepares participants as sex therapists as well as a new track that prepares participants as sex educators. For the new Sex Education Certificate, you can expect to be trained to deliver workshops, courses, and other educational experiences. The current Sex Therapy Certificate offers licensed clinicians skills to help assess and treat sexuality concerns.

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