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April 2018

April 4 In Defense of Troublemakers with Charlan Nemeth and Liz Beaven
April 7 Embodied Leadership with Joe Goode
April 8 The Practice of Ikebana Floral Arrangement with Makiko Goto-Widerman
April 10 Fulfilling Your Potential with Judith Bell
April 12 How to Cultivate Presence with Jonathan Bender
April 13 An Evening with Angela Davis
April 15 Writing for the Screen: Story with Alex Burger
April 19 Searching for Stars with Alan Lightman and Mattew Segall
April 22 Writing for the Screen: Character with Alex Burger
April 26 How to Be a Good Friend with Christine Brooks
April 28–29 Trauma and Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine

May 2018

May 3 How We Work with Leah Weiss and Richard Buggs
May 4 On Ethnobotany with Kathleen Harrison and Natalie Metz
May 5 Botanical Beings with Kathleen Harrison
May 9 The Future of Work with Clair Brown Y-Vonne Hutchinson
May 12 Cultivating Qi with Jun Wang
May 15 How to Have Difficult Conversations with Daniel Ellenberg
May 17 Mental Health and Technology with Alinne Barrera and Steven Chan
May 23 Into the MycoVerse with Paul Stamets
May 24 On Trans Feminism with Julia Serano with Zara Zimbardo
May 31 The Poetics of Identity with Cameron Awkward-Rich

June 2018

June 1 On Integrative Sleep Therapy with Rubin Naiman and Meg Jordan
June 2 An Evening with Franchesca Ramsey
June 2–3 Healing Sleep and Dreams with Rubin Naiman
June 6 The Science Behind Changing Minds with J. Stuart Ablon and Nicolle Zapien
June 7 Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence with Doug Vakoch
June 9 Conscious Living, Conscious Dying with Dale Borglum
June 12 The Case against BS Jobs with David Graeber
June 13 How to Prevent and Manage Burnout with Kayleigh Martin
June 21 Museums as Contested Spaces with Kathy Littles
June 22 On Environmental Activism with Asoka Bandarage
June 23–24 Sustaining Activism and Wellbeing with Asoka Bandarage
June 28 Catching Stardust with Natalie Starkey

July 2018

July 14–15 Introduction to Family Constellations with Jane Peterson
July 19 Biotech and Ethics with Marcy Darnovsky and Osagie K. Obasogie

August 2018

August 2 Stories of Buddhism and Psychology with Pilar Jennings
August 3 On Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey and Sean Kelly
August 4—5 Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey
August 11–12 Embodied Self: Yoga, Trauma, Zen with David Emerson and Sarah Emerson

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