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January 2019

January 9 Rethinking Infidelity with Nicolle Zapien
January 12 Integrating Psychedelic Experiences with Julie Megler
January 12 Explore the Enneagram for Personal Growth with Lara Heller
January 19-20 Discovering Natural Fulfillment with Gangaji
January 24 AI and Sex with Julie Carpenter and Brianna Booth
January 26 Self-Healing with Energy Medicine with Anne Marie Chiasson
January 29 Memes to Movements with An Xiao Mina and Dorothy R. Santos
January 30 Indian Classical Tabla & Violin Concert with Nilan Chaudhuri and Raaginder Singh Momi
January 31 How to Talk About Sex with Carol Queen

February 2019

February 1 On Elderhood with Stephen Jenkinson and Richard Buggs
February 2 Cultivating Elderhood with Stephen Jenkinson
February 2-3 Awakening Shakti and Shiva with Sally Kempton
February 6 The Globalization of Ayahuasca with Beatriz Labate and Gisele Fernandes-Osterhold
February 8 On Cultivating Balance with Sharon Salzberg and Nikki Mirghafori
February 9-10 Finding Equanimity in Challenging Times with Sharon Salzberg
February 13 Trust and Deception in the Digital Age with Jeff Hancock and Sally Lehrman
February 21 On the Healing Power of Poetry with Jessica Semaan
February 28 How to Be Happier with Kayleigh Martin

March 2019

March 1 On Being Wise with Krista Tippett
March 8 On Mind/Body Unity with Gabor Maté and Richard Buggs
March 9-10 When the Body Says No and the Myth of Normal with Gabor Maté
March 14 On Ethics in Shamanism with Antonio Ramirez
March 16 Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People with Elaine Aron
March 20 Mystical Advice for Living Your Best Life with Jessica Lanyadoo
March 22 On the Soul of Money with Lynne Twist and Liz Beaven
March 23-24 Transforming Your Relationship With Money with Lynne Twist
March 27 On Conscious Cannabis and Psychedelics with Daniel McQueen

April 2019

April 6-7 Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth with Linda Graham
April 10 How to Talk to Kids about Hard Things with Margaret Boucher
April 13-14 Inclusive Sexual Attitude Reassessment with Bianca Laureano
April 27-28 Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine

More Events TBA

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