January 2018

January 25 Why We Need Spirituality in the Workplace with
Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo
January 31 So You Want to Talk About Race with Ijeoma Oluo and Denise Boston

February 2018

February 1 Where Are You From? with Minal Hajratwala
February 2–4 The Work That Reconnects with Joanna Macy
February 3–4 Hack Mental Health at CIIS
February 8 How to Write a Story with Carolyn Cooke
February 10-11 Introduction to Internal Family Systems with Richard Schwartz
February 15 The Healing Self with Deepak Chopra
February 20 How to Have Difficult Conversations with Daniel Ellenberg
February 21 Bodies in Resistance: An Evening of Performance and Conversation
February 22 We Need to Talk with Celeste Headlee and Zara Zimbardo
February 24 Empowering Creativity through Movement with Daria Halprin

March 2018

March 1–4 Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference 2018
March 1 Giving Away Myself with Kaisa Puhakka
March 2 Liberating Pure Being: with Lama Palden Drolma
March 7 A Really Good Day: A Conversation on Microdosing with Ayelet Waldman and Carolyn Cooke
March 17–18 NTU Psychotherapy with Denise Boston
March 28 Stories of Heroism and Change in Colombia with Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno
March 30 An Evening with Chelsea Manning
March 31 Strategic Questioning for Social Change with Shakti Butler

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