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August 2018

August 2 Stories of Buddhism and Psychology with Pilar Jennings
August 11–12 Embodied Self: Yoga, Trauma, Zen with
David Emerson and Sarah Emerson
August 23 How Are You Going to Save Yourself with JM Holmes and Stephanie Anne Johnson

September 2018

September 7 An Evening with Boots Riley
September 8 Introduction to EFT Tapping with Dawson Church
September 9 Writing for the Screen: Plot with Alex Burger
September 12 The Science of Making Big Decisions with Steven Johnson and Carolyn Cooke
September 13 The World in a Grain with Vince Beiser
September 15 Discovering Your Life's Plan through Hypnosis with Robert Schwartz
September 16 Writing for the Screen: Dialogue with Alex Burger
Septmber 20 Not Quite Not White with Sharmila Sen
September 21 On Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff
September 22 Practicing Self-Compassion with Kristin Neff
September 25 How to Avoid Burnout with Kayleigh Martin
September 26 Rx: A Graphic Memoir with Rachel Lindsay
September 30 The Art & Science of Lucid Dreaming with Fariba Bogzaran

October 2018

October 2 Books and Resistance with David L. Ulin and Matthew Zapruder
October 4 An Evening with Lindy West
October 6 Healing Trauma Through the Body-Mind with Susan Babbel
October 9 How to Have Difficult Conversations with Daniel Ellenberg
October 15 An Evening with Kevin Powell with Kevin Powell
October 16 Hiking with Nietzsche with John Kaag
October 17 Animals and the Robots of the Future with David Hu
October 18 Radical Joy for Hard Times with Trebbe Johnson
October 20-21 Discover Your Feminine Wisdom with Christine Arylo
October 20-21 Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Practices with Sonya Shah
October 24 How to Process Grief and Loss with Helge Osterhold 
October 25 Creativity and Radical Self-Care with Marlee Grace
October 26 On Cultural Beliefs and Longevity with Mario Martinez
October 27-28 The MindBody Self: Longevity and Health with Mario Martinez

November 2018

November 1 We Can't Breathe with Asim Jabari
November 2 On Shamanic Dreaming with don Jose Ruiz
November 3-4 Discover Shamanic Dreaming with don Jose Ruiz
November 7 How to Build Emotional Intelligence with Kelly Werner
November 9 The Adventure of Self Discovery with Stan Grof
November 9-11 Healing with Holotropic Breathwork with Stan Grof
November 13 How to Make Hard Decisions with Judith Bell
November 14 Gods and Robots with Adrienne Mayor
November 15 Art as Inquiry with Cindy Shearer
November 29 First Comes Marriage with Al Marashi Huda

December 2018

December 1 An Evening with Elizabeth Gilbert
December 4 A Brown Kitchen with Nik Sharma
December 5 On Restorative Justice with Sonya Shah
December 8-9 Healing Through the Realization Process with Judith Blackstone
December 12 A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication with Oren Jay Sofer
December 13 On Being Unwanted with Eileen Truax

January 2019

January 9 Rethinking Infidelity with Nicolle Zapien
January 12 Integrating Psychedelic Experiences with Julie Megler
January 12 Explore the Enneagram for Personal Growth with Lara Heller
January 19-20 Discovering Natural Fulfillment with Gangaji
January 24 AI and Sex with Julie Carpenter and Brianna Booth
January 26 Self-Healing with Energy Medicine with Anne Marie Chiasson
January 29 Memes to Movements with An Xiao Mina with
January 30 Indian Classical Tabla & Violin Concert with Nilan Chaudhuri and Raaginder Singh Momi
January 31 How to Talk About Sex with Carol Queen

February 2019

February 1 On Elderhood with Stephen Jenkinson
February 2 Cultivating Elderhood with Stephen Jenkinson
February 2-3 Awakening Shakti and Shiva with Sally Kempton
Febraury 6 The Globalization of Ayahuasca with Beatriz Labate
February 8 On Cultivating Balance with Sharon Salzberg and Nikki Mirghafori
February 9-10 Finding Equanimity in Challenging Times with Sharon Salzberg
February 13 Trust and Deception in the Digital Age with Jeff Hancock and Sally Lehrman

More 2019 Events TBA

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